From the period of 1956 through 1959

60th Class Reunion

60th Class Reunion - Aug 16 & 17, 2019
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Wedding Pictures

For any period.
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In memorial

Departed classmates.
Linda finally took her glasses off.

Extra curricular activies

For the period 1956 through 1959.
May 2010 Brunch Susan Imig, Jan Watson, Patricia Marten, Maxine Peterson, Kathy Becker and Diane Herek

Notable events since graduation.

Anniversary, college graduation, awards, other forms of recognition since 1959, etc.

Good old  6th grade at Randall School.  Can anyone name all the students? Go to the 'Quiz' page to try your luck.

Classmates before 1959

Grade school and other pictures.
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College graduation pictures and activities

55th Class Reunion

All those prior to 50th.


Formals and the Prom, Sady Hawkins dance, at "The Attic".
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Wedding anniversary including maiden names and number of years.
Four generation times 3-Pat Scaniglia (Rogers)

Four generation pictures.

Classmate (s) and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Here is my 'Bandit' as a puppy.    Ron Vincent

Boy's toys/Girl's Pearls.

Possessions we are all proud of such as boats, cars, motor cycles, jewelry, paintings, art work, crafts, hobbies, pets, snowmoblies,  etc.